Monday, May 16, 2011

What the fuck is this

What the fuck is this?

        Yup, for a first post I've got little to say, but I'll start with this; There isn't much to me. I'm a guy. I like artwork, I like doing illustrations and writing fiction. I play video games and make music and yeah whatever. I'm a skeptic and a strong proponent of science and critical thinking.. I work with computers. I've had some art and short stories published in a few local magazines, links to which i will post at some point. I'm in an amazing relationship, and I'm close to some of the most amazing people on earth.

Yeah yeah boring. So why am i posting on a blog?

Two Reasons:

Reason 1. Earth is dumb

Reason 2. life is over rated and I'm going to prove it.

There is actually a third secret reason but you need game genie to unlock it.

ok ok

 Season 3. I like art stuff.

               Here in I will be collecting, articles, stories, experiences, art, news and hopefully convince all of you to destroy this stupid place.

I'm only kind of kidding.

I'm going to dig through the bullshit of every topic from how awesome having shark teeth would be; to culture, science, religion and politics. In as raw and non-politically correct a format as possible.

So prepare for things that you have likely never seen! such as;

Critical thinking!
debunking stuff like a mother fucker!
A person who likes video games!
the inane(or insane) pondering of a troubled mind!
the word "fuck" fill an entire blog post!
The rap musics! And music where dudes scream or sound like girls!
Lots of spelling and grammar errors that I will disguise as slang!
And a logic loving atheist who has a rather disturbing affinity for the devil!

All this and more from a fat black college drop out who is borderline illiterate!

I encourage Dissension,  I encourage Discussion

All I ask is that you read up on you're logical Fallacies, site you're sources or know when you are arguing opinion and avoid Godwin's Law!


-We are Hell

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