Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 21st-22nd? Rapture party!

If you had not heard...

              May 21st is the Rapture! A super awesome day where lots of people will suddenly disappear or fly up into the sky or something and leave us down here to hang out with the devil!

If you haven't already seen the billboards or heard the claims, a fringe group of christian evangelicals has claimed they know exactly when the rapture and subsequently, the end of times will occur. Their website,, goes further into depth as to the methods by which they came upon this exact day.

I could go into the amount of bad logic that went it to their pseudo-scientific approach to discerning their beliefs, and I definitely will at some point, but why I am posting about this at the moment is, I believe this is a great opportunity...

to have a big ass 2 day party.

That's, right! lets celebrate our sinful ways as the apparent heathens that we are and Party all night and day as the ones who are left behind! Finally no more traffic Jams!

OK... well maybe since people might be driving and suddenly be yanked out of their cars there will still be cars everywhere... but that really just means FREE CARS!!

Just think of all the stuff they will leave behind!

                                                              I call dibs on this van

Join us! Spread the word! Party your hardest! A global 2 day party as we get free stuff and get a whole lot of preoccupied space back!

Look at how much fun we are gonna have!

 - We Are Hell

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